Our belief that everyone deserves healthier indoor air droves to develop the world's most powerful air purification technology

Project case

Headquarters of JD group (Beijing)

JD is China's largest Internet company by revenue and the largest self-run e-commerce company in China. Located in the nearly 300,000-square-meter jingdong headquarters building in Beijing. All the buildings are equipped with the Airpool air purifier system. While effectively removing PM2.5, the air purifier system uses physical methods to kill viruses. Through three means, the killing rate of viruses of different types is above 95%. Airnow real-time air detection system is installed as well. No matter how polluted the outdoor air quality is, the indoor air quality remains excellent.

Smog-Free OFFICE
Danaher China center

Danaher is the largest instrument company in the world. It was founded in 1969 and is a multinational company mainly engaged in industrial instruments and equipment. Danaher China headquarters is located in Shanghai with a construction area of 50,000 square meters. In order to improve the office environment of employees, Airpool took full consideration of air purification and introduced advanced technology at the beginning of the project. While effectively removing PM2.5, physical methods were used to kill viruses. Through three means, different types of viruses were killed, reaching a one-time killing rate of more than 95%.

Smog-Free HOTEL
China Opera and Dance

Under the ministry of culture of the People's Republic of China, China opera and dance theatre is a large-scale and time-honored art theatre in China. In order to improve the air environment of the theater and the office environment, Airpool air purifier was installed to efficiently remove PM2.5 while using physical methods to kill viruses. Through three means, the killing rate of viruses of different types was above 95%. Through internal and external circulation of air purification, indoor air quality has reached the international excellent quality.

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  • Air Quality Solution

    Plasma Air purifier

    Suitable for apartments, villas and small spaces disinfection and purification, instantly convert the central air conditioner into a professional disinfection purifier


    UVC-Photocatalytic Air Purifier

    Adopt in all types of ventilation ducts, effectively intercept and eliminate bacterial viruses and decompose hazardous substances through free radicals released by deep ultraviolet


    Ceiling-mounted Air Purifier

    Suitable for all business places and workplaces without central air conditioning,Well-integrated with the architectural decoration to create an elegant appearance efficiently


    Air-return Grille Air Purifier

    Suitable for workplaces, commercial buildings and apartments with central air conditioning,Instantly turn central air conditioners into air purifiers