Our belief that everyone deserves healthier indoor air droves to develop the world's most powerful air purification technology

AirNow Air Monitoring System

AirNowAll the fresh air in sight.The ordinary TV screen is connected to the professional Air Box of Airpool, which can display the indoor and outdoor air data in real time. It enhances the commercial and environmental value of business or office space. Mobile phone can download the app of Airpool air monitoring station, so that indoor and outdoor air data can be known in real time at any place. The after-sales service platform of Airpool provides timely after-sales service, and all terminals are connected with wifi without wiring.

Air Pollution IndexQuality0-35Good35-75Mild Contamination75-115Mild Contamination115-150Serious Contamination150-250Severe Contamination>250

图层 1.pngAirnow is a professional Air Quality Monitor System developed by Airpool, which uses advanced Internet cloud and PM2.5 laser sensing technology.
The world's first omni-directional air monitoring system for TV screens, mobile phone terminals, computer terminals and cloud-based interconnection, monitors and displays the purified air quality in real time.

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